The Law and my safety

Oh I know how hard it is to resist answering that call from your best friend, how bad you want to steal a bite from that chicken and chips, and how frustrating it is refraining from taking a long gulp of your favourite beer to ease of the tension of the day. And the thought of that annoying and uncomfortable seatbelt! I feel your pain because I am you, and you’re me – road users.

Traffic laws and it’s importance to road safety cannot be over emphasised. However in this part of the world, and in Lagos specifically, they are regarded as means by which the police and other agencies extort money from motorists. There is total disregard for traffic laws. Most drivers are deficient in the knowledge of both traffic laws and symbols. Ignorance is however not an excuse. These laws exist for a reason and serve specific and collective purposes, the prevention of road accidents being the most prominent reason.


Distracted driving

The Lagos sector commander of Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr. Hyginus Omeje at the kick off 2018 Guinness Nigeria, Transport Safety week, in Lagos. Studies had shown that the causes of road traffic crashes were road, vehicle, and human factors, with human factor recording 85 percent. This goes to show just how many preventable accidents occur daily. There are about a million ways to die, with road accident being a preventable way, at least to a reasonable extent.

It is therefore imperative to sensitize road users not just about traffic laws and symbols, but also their place in the prevention of road accidents. It left to us as road users to not only learn all these laws and symbols, but also to imbibe in us the culture of adhering to them. We could go a step further by educating loved ones and people around us on this issue because as Alicia keys said “We are here for all of us”.

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